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Only the best from our menu!Enjoy this tasty pack full of top PLA+ colors from our offer. In the menu you will find: PLA+ Fresh Lime 300g PLA+ Baby Blue 300g PLA+ Woodland Green 300g PLA+ Bubblegum pink 300g PLA+ Dusty Brown 300g Matte and fresh lookThis pack will charm you with its colorful…

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4 in stock

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Only the best from our menu!
Enjoy this tasty pack full of top PLA+ colors from our offer. In the menu you will find:

  • PLA+ Fresh Lime 300g
  • PLA+ Baby Blue 300g
  • PLA+ Woodland Green 300g
  • PLA+ Bubblegum pink 300g
  • PLA+ Dusty Brown 300g

Matte and fresh look
This pack will charm you with its colorful and fresh colors, which retain their matte appearance typical of PLA+.

Perfect first layer
We can say that the first layer has never been more effortless. PLA+, thanks to its better consistency, adheres better to the printer’s base, the individual lines of the filling are better interconnected, and a much more uniform surface is created.

PLA+ (polylactic acid)
– improved printing properties compared to standard PLA:

  • lower printing temperature 195 °C – great for bridging and printing overhangs
  • higher adhesion of layers and impact toughness – ie. that the printed object is more flexible when bending
  • higher viscosity = doesn’t clog the nozzle
  • the material withstands insufficient cooling of the printer in a warm environment (for example in the summer months), precisely because of the lower printing temperatures used and the higher viscosity
  • is suitable for 3D pens, again due to lower temperatures
  • has an attractive matte finish
  • is offered in the new Skin edition, Army edition, classic Black&White, modern Pastel edition, hot Summer edition, or recycled RePLA+
  • check out our video on PLA+ material

Nozzle: 190 – 210 °C
Heatbed: 60 °C

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