ABS Glittering Sahara 1kg 1.75


ABS Glittering Sahara, developed in collaboration with the Voron community, presents a unique combination of a sand shade with fine glitters that resemble the golden dunes of the Sahara. This ABS filament opens up new possibilities in design and art, bringing not only durability and flexibility, but also an exotic look. Its mustard color will give your prints a unique character, whether in industrial applications or in hobby printing.

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1 in stock

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ABS (akrylonitrilbutadienstyren)
– more suitable for advanced makers
– for both small and large prints
– strong and tough material with a high surface hardness
– impact and heat resistant (up to 90 °C)
– acetone-soluble (easy post-processing)
– typical smell
– thermal contracting (closed chamber recommended)

Nozzle: 230 – 250 °C
Heatbed: 100 – 110 °C

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